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storage unit size guide
January 25, 2022

Self Storage Unit Size Guide

In search of a storage unit size guide to help you pick out your next storage rental? Your Extra Closet provides self storage tips and resources in addition to our 16 self storage locations in Mississippi and Arkansas. A storage unit can help you stay organized from season to season, coordinate a big move, and even organize your business.  Is a small storage unit enough space? But maybe a large storage unit is too much room. Our storage unit size guide and online storage calculator will help you choose the right amount of space for your belongings. Once you learn the best storage unit size for your storage load, check out our storage units near you!

Sizing Guide: Small Storage Unit

Your Extra Closet’s Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

About the size of a walk in closet at home, our small storage units can act as your seasonal storage space, extensions of your home or office storage space, or long-term safe-keeping. Choose a 5×5 storage unit or a 5×10 storage unit as a budget-friendly spatial solution. Just make sure you check the measurements of any large items before trying to fit them into your storage unit. For example, large tables and bigger mattress size will definitely need a larger storage unit than the ones in this size category.

Medium Storage Units

A little more space than a closet and enough room to store one-possibly-two bedrooms’ worth of content, a medium storage unit offers enough space to organize your belongings with room to navigate through your storage unit and items. College students that will be moving in between residence halls and apartments around town can find a secure, affordable place to leave their belongings as they move or go home for breaks. Maybe you are working from home and need a home office—a medium storage unit provides just enough space.

Large Storage Units

Where can you store your whole house while moving, staging, or relocating for work? A large storage unit can keep your valuables safe. These large spaces are an easy solution help during a move or home remodel. Our 16 self storage locations provide a variety of indoor and outdoor storage units to help you. Visit the location closest to you to find the best storage units for your current situation.

Start Renting Today with Your Extra Closet

Are you ready to rent self storage near you? Your Extra Closet has storage facilities in Mississippi and Arkansas ready to help you safely store and organize your belongings. If you are a first time renter or looking to see if self storage can help you, use our online storage calculator to narrow down the choices. Just enter the amount of items you are looking to store, and the calculator will give you a sizing estimation. We provide a variety of storage unit sizes all at sustainable, budget-friendly prices.

We are here to help you! Our on-site experts can answer your questions about self storage, renting with Your Extra Closet, student storage, and so much more. Stop by your local Your Extra Closet to get started!

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