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Vehicle Storage for Winter Months

Need help finding vehicle storage for the winter season? With 16 locations in Arkansas and Mississippi, Your Extra Closet has the storage features you need for easy vehicle storage and any other self storage need you have. Our experts can help match you with the right size and kind of storage for your situation and budget. Stop by our self storage facility closest to you to inquire about storage. You can also view our storage options online and rent or reserve from there. Check out our tips below to prepare your vehicle for longer-term storage.

Tip #1: Clean Your Vehicle

You paid a lot for your vehicle, so make sure to take the necessary precautions to protect it. Clean your vehicle well to scrub off any dirt and bugs painted on the outside. For a protective layer on the exterior, finish with wax. Then, turn to the interior to clear out trash and vacuum up food remnants. Clean even the smallest spaces so critters do not sniff near your vehicle for food crumbs.

Tip #2: Get Gas

Your car will accelerate poorly later on if moisture makes its way into the gas tank. To prevent this, fill your gas tank before dropping it off. No room in the tank means there is no room for moisture buildup. For more than three months of storage, you should additionally add stabilizer to your tank and change your oil.

Find Vehicle Storage for the Winter at Your Extra Closet

Do you have a boat or RV sitting on your property? You might not use it during the off-season, but that does not mean it needs to take up space around your home. Come to Your Extra Closet to find secure vehicle storage for the winter at one of our locations. We have storage units that can fit any need, residential or commercial. Our professionals are ready to help you find the right storage. Call today, or rent your storage online!

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