how to pack a storage unit

How to Pack Your Storage Unit to Stay Organized

How can you pack a storage unit efficiently and keep it organized? Your Extra Closet of Mississippi and Arkansas has some helpful tips to make the most of your storage unit rental. Are you a nearby college student at Ole Miss or Arkansas State University? Your Extra Closet has temperature-controlled, contactless storage rentals secured via 24 hour camera monitoring to help you with your move. Read more below to learn of some helpful tips on how to pack your storage unit.

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3 Quick Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit

1. Pack for Easy Access

Place any items you might need more frequently toward the entrance of your storage unit. That way, you are able to grab and go quickly whenever you need to. Items that you are planning to store with Your Extra Closet long-term should be packed toward the back for efficiency’s sake, and items that are especially valuable should be packed in the back for security.

2. Stay Organized with Labels details the importance of staying organized while packing your storage unit. Be sure to take note of each item you pack. Creating a list and labeling any boxes or storage bins will ensure you are able to account for all items placed in your storage unit. You might have to play around with your organizational strategy until you find one that works best for you.

3. Plan Your Storage Unit Layout in Advance

Larger items, such as furniture or heavier storage bins, can functional as a foundation as you are packing up your storage unit. Pack these items on the bottom and reduce the weight of your boxes as you stack others on top of them. Additionally, make sure you have an open aisle to access the entirety of your storage unit. You will be able to get to boxes in the back with ease—just account for this extra space when determining the storage unit size you will rent.

How to Pack a Storage Unit

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Your Extra Closet – Serving Mississippi and Arkansas

Your Extra Closet, serving the greater Mississippi and Arkansas areas, provides affordable, safe and secure indoor storage to meet all of your self storage needs. With these tips on how to pack your storage unit efficiently, you are now ready to fully take advantage of these convenient drive-up self storage units. Just find a Your Extra Closet location near you! Rest easy knowing your belongs are safe in our secure gated facilities. Your Extra Closet is also happy to provide moving trucks at select locations for your next move! Come stop in today.

You can look through all of our available self storage units through our contactless storage rentals. Browse and compare storage units before making your decision. Then rent or reserve your storage space in just a few easy steps. We have online tools to help you in your decision-making process, but our storage professionals are also available by email, phone, and in person if you happen to have any questions. Start renting with Your Extra Closet today!

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