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Experience Enhanced Safety with Our Smart Units

Your treasures deserve the best, and that’s exactly what our Smart Units aim to offer. At Your Extra Closet Self Storage, we’ve always prioritized the safety and security of your stored items, and now we’ve taken it a notch higher with our Smart Units, powered by StorageDefender.

Always Know Your Valuables are Safe – Monitor Your Unit from Anywhere!

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24/7 Storage Unit Monitoring
Audible Beeper Sound
Subscriber Specified Escalation
Easy to Use Texting, No App


Why Choose Smart Units at Your Extra Closet Self Storage?

  1. Effortless Activation: We’ve made it as straightforward as possible. There’s absolutely no sign-up required on your end. Simply store your items, and let our Smart Units do the magic.
  2. Instant Notifications: With our 24/7 motion-sensing technology, if there’s any activity in your unit, you’ll get a text straight to your phone. So, even when you’re miles away, you’ll always be in the know.
  3. Audible Alert System: Not only do our units detect motion, but they’re also equipped with an audible beeper. Any intruder will think twice when faced with this deterrent.
  4. Personalized Escalation: Tailor the way you receive alerts with subscriber-specified escalation. It’s all about ensuring you’re comfortable and informed in a manner that suits you.
  5. Uncomplicated Texting Feature: We’ve kept it simple. No need to download any apps or go through lengthy set-ups. Text alerts are direct and user-friendly.

In today’s world, peace of mind is a luxury. But with Your Extra Closet Self Storage’s Smart Units, it’s a guarantee. Every item you store with us isn’t just placed in a unit; it’s enveloped in advanced, uncompromising security measures. Whether it’s family keepsakes, vital business documents, or just items close to your heart, know they’re in the best hands.

Curious about the tech behind this fantastic feature? Dive deeper into the world of state-of-the-art storage security with StorageDefender.