Packing Tips: Gather Boxes & Other Storage Supplies

Want an easier packing experience? Your Extra Closet has 16 locations across Arkansas and Mississippi with commercial and residential storage options. We can match you with the right size and amenities for your needs. And we can hook you up with storage supplies to help you pack. Once you find the storage you are looking for, start packing with these tips!

1. Get Your Storage Supplies Right Away & Keep Them Handy As You Pack

Do not wait until a week before your move or storage move-in day to pack. Packing over time will lessen the stress that comes with hectic moves, and you can take your time sorting through your items. Your first step is getting packing supplies. Your Extra Closet sells storage supplies at all of our facilities with offices. Pick up boxes, box cutters, bubble wrap, and more. Keep all your supplies in a handy bag that you can bring with you through rooms as you pack and to your storage unit.

2. Make Sure Your Boxes Are Sturdy Enough

It makes sense to pack your belongings spatially (like large items going in large boxes). But large objects are usually pretty heavy, and that can create a lot of heavy boxes that you will still have to move in and out of storage. Consider the weight of your items when packing, and spread the weight across multiple boxes. Packing heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes makes everything much more manageable.

Your Extra Storage: Storage in Arkansas and Mississippi

Ready to find your storage solution? Look at Your Extra Closet’s facilities to see which is most convenient for you. Then browse our available units and different amenities to choose a storage unit or parking space. Our storage options range from the size of a walk-in closet to spaces large enough to fit an RV. You can go through our contactless storage rentals to rent or reserve the one that best fits you. Get started today!

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